Airplane Accidents

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Some of the most common serious injuries incurred in a plane crash include head injuries, thoracic injuries, abdominal injuries, limb injuries, leg fractures, jack-knifing injuries to the chest, head or spine, a ruptured heart or fractured skull.

While car crashes and motorcycle accidents are common, plane crashes are more uncommon- so victims are often shocked and uncertain of what to do in the aftermath of an airplane accident. Because so many negligent factors can cause an airplane accident- such as defective parts, pilot errors, design flaws and traffic controller errors- you should not hesitate to file a personal injury claim.

Filing a personal injury claim for an airplane accident can be complex, as state, federal and international laws could apply- being dependent on where you were flying from, what airline you were on and where your plane crashed. In order to collect damages, an individual must show that a pilot, manufacturer, or airline company failed to meet industry standards when it came down to regulatory guidelines, operation or engineering of the aircraft. These parties have a “standard of care” towards passengers, and when this standard is breached, a personal injury lawsuit should be filed.


When an aircraft crashes, the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration investigate the incident. In 1999, the Montreal Convention passed the “Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air.” This act amended laws established in the 1929 Warsaw Convention and provided for the following:

That air carriers must maintain adequate insurance
That rules apply to the liability of the contractual carrier and actual carrier
That a lawsuit can be brought before the courts in a passenger’s principal place of residence
That advanced payments can be given to meet immediate needs
That unlimited liability exists in the unlikely event of death or injury of passengers

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