Burn and Scar Injuries



At the Sacramento Law Center, we understand the long-term effects of a severe burn & scarring injury and that it can be among one of the single most devastating injuries a person can experience. Regardless of the circumstances that resulted in the injury, the repercussions often leave injured parties with intense pain and suffering, multiple restorative surgeries, or permanent disfigurement or disabilities in the worst cases.

Burns to the skin as well as the muscle and organs can result from exposure to extreme heat or cold, electrocution, certain chemicals, or even radiation. First, second and third-degree burns are all very serious and require immediate medical intervention. If you have been badly burned and scarred as a consequence of another’s negligent actions, consult with an attorney from our team immediately to begin building a solid case to recover financial compensation for your pain.

Burns can not only be caused by flame, but also from chemicals, electricity, radiation or scalding water. Burns are classified further by degree (first to fourth) based on how deep the burn affected the layers of skin.

First: Only affects the epidermis. Pain typically only lasts for about a week, but it puts victims at an increased risk of skin cancer later in life. A common example of a first-degree burn is sunburn.1st degree burn


Second: This type of burn extends through the superficial dermis which typically causes skin to blister. Pain and redness will typically last up to three weeks, unless the skin becomes infected. Some second-degree burns can also affect the deep dermis and cause scarring.    2nd degree burn


Third: Burns to this degree extend through the whole dermis which will cause skin to turn leathered. Severe scars are a common result. Sometimes these injuries are so severe that they require amputation of the affected limb.  3rd degree burn

Fourth: This type of burn can be severe enough to affect even through the muscle and bone. It can lead to the need for amputation, gangrene and even death.      4th degree burn

People who are unfortunate enough to suffer from a burn injury scars can face a multitude of complications related to internal-organ performance, disfigurement and years of painful surgeries and treatment. The injuries are not limited to physical damage, however, as the experience of a traumatic burn and scar injury can damage the emotional well-being of a person for years, if not the rest of one’s life.

While it may be difficult to treat every injury to full recovery because scarring can be permanent, it is vital that the injured victim recovers fair financial compensation from the negligent, responsible party.

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